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24/7 on the Power supplies?


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I thought I saw this but wanted to be sure. Do we leave the Power supplies running on the Pixel setups just as we do the LOR controllers?


I was sure I saw a post that said we do.



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Just like all those before me .. yep .. turn them on .. leave them on and even if we are not home .. the show goes on .. (wow there were a lot of "on" in that sentence..)

Most of my supplies are passive cooling, but I have one that is fan cooled .. I asked the vendor about leaving it on... He told me good to go ..



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I leave mine powered on 24/7.


BUT, this morning I physically unplugged all power cords AND cat5 cables because of thunderstorms rolling thru. With a 35ft mega tree, this makes for an increased lightning hazard and didn't want to risk frying all my controllers and computer connected together. This is just about the only reason I would shut down power.

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all my e1.31 stuff is on a timer it starts up 10 minutes before the show rolls and turns off 10 minutes after the show ends.

Here is what I use for timers:



also my computer is set to Boot up based on the ®eal (T)ime ©lock   (a function setup through the BIOS)

and Windows 7 has a setting to shut down the computer at a certain time (Run...MSCONFIG...



If using Windows 7, follow these steps to schedule your PC(Personal Computer) to shut down at a certain time at night:

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools and click on the Task Scheduler.


2. From the Action menu in Task Scheduler, click "Create Basic Task..."


3. In the "Create Basic Task Wizard" windows that pops up, Type in a title and a description. Something basic like "PC Shutdown."


4. Click "Next."


5. On the "Task Trigger" screen, choose the frequency with which you want the Shutdown PC to run. For nightly shutdown, click on "daily" and click the Next" button.


6.On the "Daily" screen, enter the date and time you want your PC to shutdown. Click "Next."


7. On the "Action" screen, choose "Start a program" and click "Next."


8. On the "Start a Program" screen, type C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe in the "Program/script" text field.


9. In the Add arguments text field type /s.


10. Click "Next."


11. Confirm your settings on the Summary screen and click "Finish."


Now your Windows 7 computer will automatically shutdown at the same time every day/night.
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I leave all my power supplies on, even the ones for the pixels.  My pixels are not from LOR, but I don't see where it would make a difference since the power goes to the controller and the controller is what sends the power to them.

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I measured my DC power supply that powers 1200 pixels (off of one E682).  They draw about 60W just sitting there with no lights on.


I leave my pixels off until 15 minutes before the show.  I then turn them off after the show is over.  We pay enough electricity as it is here (44 cents/kwhr).

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I was leaving mine on, BUT, the Pixels put off so much RF interference (even when not lit) that it was messing with the Garage Door remote and radio station reception under 90.1.  So I put some relays in to turn them on and off with some extra channels from a AC controller.

Just turn them on in the background sequence.    And in case your wondering, this is Sandevices E6804's and Pixabulbs.



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