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Pixlite 16 Mega Tree, Chinese RGBs, Protocol


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I am a newbie, so please do not slam me too bad. 

I have  144 channels this year. 

I bought a Pixlite 16 thinking it can control  16 RGB strips. 

No matter what protocol I put it on(in Xlights), I can not get the Pixlite to do anything.  When I emailed the Pixlite company, they said I had a RGB strip that they did not sell so they don't know the protocol. 

Can anyone help me?  I know this has to have come up before.

The strips are 5 meters long each,  5050 with 300 RGB LED's per strip.  They have 4 wires, a red, green, black, and blue.

I really appreciate any input.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!


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As Dennis said, it runs on TCPIP via E1.31 protocol. That's a lot easier than it sounds. Connect it to the output of the computer TCPIP connection, hopefully which is connected to a switch/router. Then using your IE or whatever browser, load in the address for it. I don't know what the pixlite controller's is but I know the Joshua P12S card is to get to the firmware. You should be able to get to the card's firmware and the configuration screen(s). If you can get to them, you've established communication. These are the new trends in controlling Christmas lights, so its best that you learn this as should everyone. Again, its easier than it sounds.

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Thanks to everyone for your help so far.  These are 5050 strips 5M long with 300 LEDs.

Let me know what other information you need and what my next step should be.


You either need to get different strips for your controller or a different controller for your strips.

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is there a controller that can make the strips I have work or am I better off getting different strips?




I would also suggest doing a little research on RGB lights so you do not make additional purchase thinking you are saving money but are not the same thing.


The places I have learned a lot from are.


This forum

Holidaycoro.com great videos on RGB

ausie christmas forum  great rgb powerpoint that you ca download after joining

doityourselfchristmas forum


I know there are others also.

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These strips are dumb strips (basic rgb).  These use a 3 channel controller and the entire strip will be the same color at the same time (what ever color you want.  see holiday coro 3 channel controllers.  Not sure if the pixel 16 has a standard DMX512 output which is what you are going to need.  Each strip can run from a separate controller.

The 12V line is for Positive 12 volt each of the other 3 lines are for Red Green and Blue ground.

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