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How to test a show?

The Snowman

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Hey guys (and gals)

I've got everything up and done. Shows are on the sd card and ready to roll. My question is this. My show runs 4 songs S,M,T,W,T. and on Friday and Saturday nights, it runs until 9 at which time another show takes over and runs until 11. I'd like to run ALL songs tomorrow to make sure everything is a go. Is it possible to run all of them to test and not have to run the show all night long? I'd like to run all 7 songs around 6 if possible. Basically can I "override" and run manually?

Thanks for any help.



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Since you mentioned the SD card, I'm guessing you are using a director, hopefully the showtime director.


If you are doing a test, simply create a show with the Hardware Utility -> MP3 Tab to Play Once, scheduled to start at 6pm. Be sure to allow enough time for the show to complete. I'd set the end time to 8:00pm, with "lights off between shows" checked.

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