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Missing LOR.msi file


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I run my LOR from a Seagate external drive. It has been working fine but when I plugged it in at work today I get a message that that says "please wait while windows configures light o-rama" then LOR is trying to install but it is missing a light-o-rama.msi file. I did a search for that file and could not find it.


So when I cancel out of it I get the "Error 1706. No valid source etc., The Installer cannot continue". I hit ok, then I get a window Microsoft DirectX setup asking if I accept the terms and conditions of the license and I accept and it starts over again looking for Light-O-Rama.


Now I notice that LOR is running in my tray at the bottom of the screen but it is disabled.


Starting to panic.


I disconnected my computer from work network but the same thing happens.  I seem to remember this happening last year but somehow got passed it. I have rebooted several times but still nothing.


I am wearing a black and red Utah Football shirt so I know that's NOT the problem. :)


Any guidance/suggestions/help is appreciated.

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If you have the red light bulb in your tray it is supposed to say disabled until you start a show. Right click on the red light bulb and see if your menu opens up.

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hey RAB   the same thing happened to me.  Out of the blue LOR wanted to install and could not find its own msi file it just unzipped.   It wouldnt even let me cancel out of the install as the tray program kept triggering the need to install and I couldnt turn it off.  I spent a few hours rebooting clearing registry and looking for the file.  It was a mess. 


I am not too happy that I lost all my network settings.  Wipe saved the license information which was nice, but I wish it saved the network stuff too as I have 10 networks. 

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