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Moving sequences to a different computer

Old Sarge

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I made some sequences on one computer and want to load them and run them on a different computer for my show.


I have them saved with no problem with the music files that are needed on a external drive.


I can load open and play them on the other computer and have saved them on the desk top.


How or what file do I save them into so I can load the ones I want and run it as a show.


When I run the  simple show editor none of them are showing up for me to load into my show there.


I did the sane for Halloween and there was no problem but I think maybe I am missing a step somewhere as I am making Christmas seq on the same comp that I made my Halloween one on and just cant seem to get them to load in the right place on the other computer so I can run them as a show..


any help is really appreciated... and thank you in advance



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