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LOR e1.31 and sandevices e6803 help


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I am having trouble getting my lor ctb16d to work with e1.31 and jsys d2.


In lor i have my settings for my ctb16d set to dmx universe 1 with output 1.1 1.2 1.3. ect through16


output setup is set to universe 1 e1.31 with the ip of my d2 since i am using unicast


I have the crossover cable for the dmx to lor hooked up and i get a steady light on the board.


the listener shows that its listening to universe 1 on the ip for the d2


i am showing stats on the controller and port however the lights are not working .


have control lights checked ect. 


is there anything I am missing also have firmware 4.32 on the board






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From your post is sounds like you have the two controllers daisy chained together.

Your ctb16d doesn't work on the e1.31 protocol.

e.1.31 which will receive data through your Ethernet port and TCP/IP transmission.

Your LOR controller will do DMX data via a dongle or bridge.

Two different languages.

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