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HU and LOR protocol


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Tonight I did some testing of the system and I drive the entire front with ELLs.. Using one of my last years ALL ON sequences I turned them all on and a few output didn't work.  I went to the HU and used that to turn them on and all but one channel came on.  Did some trouble shooting and found no bad triac but the CPU was not driving the opto.. so I went to get my laptop to do a reset and reassign and I dropped the ELL.. The cable caught it but I lost all signal.  When I went back and again manually turned on each controller with the HU that one channel came on.


My question is this:  Does the HU only send and ALL ON signal one time?  I believe the LOR protocol is only send changes.  If that is the case I am wondering why that one channel (#7 on OD) didn't respond the first time.. It is not at the end of my network or my channel count.. could it be just a few missed bits via the ELL? 



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