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CCR Controller not working out of the box.

Nick Harpold

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Has anyone else had problems with their CCR controllers not working out of the box?


I ordered 6 CCRs for my roof line this year.  I put them up and turned them on and three ribbons would flash and then stay on.  I contacted LOR and the help desk sent out new ribbons. I took the CCR's that stayed on down replaced them with the new ribbons LOR sent and have the same problem.


I contacted LOR and explained that the problem persists with the replacement ribbons, and It is obviously a controller issue. Because when I took a controller from my ccr tree and tested the three CCR's the problem was resolved.


Now the problem is, I'm told by LOR that they have no CCR controllers to replace the defective units that were sent to me....


How does LOR run out of controllers at this time of year. Wouldn't LOR know this is the time of year they are going to have problems that show up. And have extra inventory on hand.



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