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Recommended power supply(s) for RGB foods all 8 with 10' extensions?


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This would be extreme, but I would like to know what would be the best power supply(s) setup to run all 8 lor rgb floods with each one having a 10' extension added to the CMB-24D controller. Since each flood would now have a total (+/-) of 25 feet, and we know with distance voltage will drop. So what would you recommended.


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What kind of current do these floods pull?

Good question, I have no idea on the LOR's 10 watt floods themselves. That is why I asked my question hoping someone from LOR, or someone who has already done a setup like what I'm asking about could give me some info.

Website info........


The RGB-Flood-10W is a powerful yet compact, 12VDC RGB Flood. To use this flood you will need a controller card, we recommend the CMB24D controller. You will also need a 12VDC power supply.

  • Input 12VDC, 10 Watts
  • Constant Current drivers using PWM for intensity
  • Weather proof cast aluminum case (IP65)
  • Comes with 16' power cord
  • Comes with 18" dangle for easy controller attachment 
  • Requires a DC-PWM driver for RGB effects (use the CMB24D)
  • Requires a 12VDC Power Source

    ( http://store.lightorama.com/rgbfl10wa.html )

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I'm also have 10' extensions on 3 of my floods with now problems. LOR also sells a 20' extension for there floods. As Rayburn, I also use the o

power supply from the LOR 8 package flood kit.

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I would, and am, using an old power supply out of a computer.

They have a constant voltage garanteed, cheap, usually lying around the house (at least mine), and super easy to modify for use.

They are also usually very effecient, quiet and not too large.

Some you can tie all of the 12v lines together for max power, others will allow max power from one 12v rail.

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