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LOR folder issue


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I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue, and if so, how did you fix it?   I added RGB this year, only change from last year, and when I save my files now they save and I can find the files in LOR, but if I go to windows to find the folder, it isn't there.  Please see the attached file as what I am talking about.  Before anyone says anything about the folders, yes I save in a different folder than what it initially is set up for.  I did this on purpose.  You can see 12 show folder, 13 show folder, but there is no 14 show folder.  You can see on the jpg file that I am in recent as that is the only way I know to show the whole location of the folder.  

Any help would be appreciated as I would like to be able to save these files on another drive.. just in case.


Thank you!


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When you save a sequence, do you explicitly navigate to a specific folder to save it in, or do you accept whatever folder the save dialog starts off in?


Could you please run the LOR Diagnostic program and check what it says for "UserDataPath"? This will be near the top of the output, in the "Registry: Shared" section.


Without knowing anything further about the situation, I'll take a few guesses:


(1) Your screenshot shows the "Recent Sequences" section of the Sequence Editor's New and Open dialog.  An entry being on this list just means that you used the sequence recently; it does not mean the sequence still exists.  What happens if you double click on a "missing" file from that list?


(2) In Windows Explorer, your screenshot just shows the files in some directory ending in "Program Files\Light-O-Rama\Sequences".  It does not necessarily show the directory displayed for the files in the New and Open dialog ("C:\Program Files\Light-O-Rama\Sequences").  For example, Windows Explorer might be showing D:\Program Files\Light-O-Rama\Sequences, or even possibly D:\Something\Blah\Whatever\Program Files\Light-O-Rama\Sequences.  Are you 100% sure that the directory being displayed by Windows Explorer is C:\Program Files\Light-O-Rama\Sequences?


(3) Generally speaking, I don't think it's a good idea to put user data (such as LOR sequences) in "special" Windows folders like Program Files.  Windows sometimes does weird things with those sorts of folders.  For example, there are folders that Windows kind of magically merges into a single folder when displaying to the user in certain situations, but not all situations.  For example, Windows might show you different contents for C:\Program Files (and its subdirectories) depending upon who you're logged in as, and whether you're running as Administrator or not, and various other things.  This is because at the low level, there are actually a bunch of entirely different directories that may contain different files, and Windows is showing you the combined contents of one or more of those directories when it claims to be showing you C:\Program Files.  Depending on various things (again, like the Windows user account the program is running under and whether you're running the program as Administrator or not), it may therefore show you different contents of C:\Program Files in different programs (such as the LOR Sequence Editor and Windows Explorer).


Using Windows Explorer, try checking in C:\Users\musicman130\AppData\Local\VirtualStore (replacing "musicman130" with whatever your Windows user account name is).  Is there a Program Files directory in it? If so, is there a Light-O-Rama directory within that, and a Sequences within that, and your seemingly missing sequences within that?

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