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CTB16PC and LEDs with power converters/adapters


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I'm new to the forum and new to light-o-rama as I am planning my very first christmas show in 2015 with my brother and friends, so sorry in advance if I mix up anything.


I live in Denmark and we use 230VAC power. Important to the question. Also, I am not an electrician, but an IT engineer with some electrical experience. I understand basic power concepts. 


I bought the starter pack which includes the CTB16PC controller. I have been planning a setup where I believe i need 2 CTB16PC controllers and a CMB24D controller to run 8 RGB LED lights. I understand how the CMB24D work with a power supply and LED's attached to their respective channels and how power flows through the system.


This knowledge fails on me on the CTB16PC controller. When I look at LED light options for the CTB16PC controller I know that it needs 230V volt supply and that the output is the same on the channels. The problem is that I will run LED light of this controller as well, and I have found some light options that have their own power converter from 230VAC to 24VDC (some to 12VDC). But here is where my knowledge starts to faint.


Having a power converter on an controller output seems to me fine when turning power on and off during a sequence. But when it comes to dimming could I run into a problem here? Will a power supply/Adapter try to compensate and effectivly cancel out the dimming process? and can they handle that kind of operation or general LOR sequencing control? I know I am not very specific in terms of type of power converter, but I am looking for general knowledge so I know where my problem areas are.


Lets say the CTB16PC controller is a bad way to control LED light with a power converter. Would it be better to buy 2 CMB24D controllers and use each channel as a separate channel to act like a CTB16PC but with 24 channels instead?


​Any advice is appreciated.

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