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Adding an Interactive button


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I promise I've been trying to find an answer to this simple question for an hour, and Im still lost..


Just want to add a Big Red Button to trigger an interactive group.



I have a CTB16PCG2 version 4.


I have read about 18 pin headers etc etc..but I do not have an 18 pin slot that matches anything in the diagrams.


Do I just wire a button to an output?


Thanks in advance! :D

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I learned the hard way two years ago, be sure you keep whatever pair of wires for the button, away from all other wires, power cables and etc...Best too to use and ground, shielded wire. What happened with me, it kept tripping itself and starting the show before I pushed the button.

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And don't use a button that stays pressed. It has to open the circuit up right away. Unless I missed a setting for this, I had trouble with it not bouncing back and repeating the same 3 words of a song over and over again.

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