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up dated list of 48 channel seq. I have and will share..

Old Sarge

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e mail me the number or name for what seq I have that you may want.

I am a newbie so don't be to critical.. Thanks




all these are 48 channel with 2 8 channel arch's, and a 16 channel (2 Color) spiral mega tree, 8 mini trees and other misc.


1. 70's Rock Classic mix

2. 70's disco mix

3. Adoro, Los Panchos

4. All Day Music, War

5. Blue Christmas, Elvis

6. Christmas Celebration, BB King

7. Curse of the Ice Queen

8. Disney, Believe

9.Do you Hear What I Hear

10. Don't Stop Believing, Journey

11. Little Saint Nick, The Beach Boys

12. Please Come Home For Christmas, The Eagles

13. Polar Express, Album cut

14. Pop Corn, Hot Butter

15.Rockin Robin, The Coasters

16. Stille Nacht, Jose Carreras

17. Takin Care of Business, Bachman-Turner Overdrive

18. The Story in Your Eyes, Moody Blues


20. Granada, Ramon Algeciras (Flamingo Guitar)

21. Let It Go, Frozen

22. William Tell Overture, Atlanta symphony orch.

23.Fur Elsie, Vince Guaraldi

24, El Burrito (The Burrito), Yerba Buena

25. Music Box Dancer, Schwede

26. My Favorite  Time of Year, Florin Street Band

27. Believe, Disney

28. Jungle Bell Rock, Randy Travis

29. So This Is Christmas, John Lennon

30. Sleigh Ride, The Ventures

31. Manger 6 Commercial, Tom Bodet ( similar to the old Motel 6 commercials)


More are in the works..  Please be patient as I am a little slow on sending plus I do not know how to compress them into small files so takes me a while to send if you ask for a lot of them.


thanks and enjoy. and as always thinks go out from to to all who has helped me out and sent me things over the last month sense I am a newbie to help me learn.






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Hi Old Sarge, I'm a newbie to this hobby and I was wondering if you would send me a few of your seq. I would appreciate it if you would end me # 5,7,9,25 and 29. When a get a handle on doing my own seq. I will be sure to share with all. Thanks in advance.



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