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Encrypted Sequence Copy Error (?)


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Interesting turn of events and a message I have never seen ...

I have the demo version of 3.11.2 on my laptop at work, started creating a sequence (for office decorating contest) and saved to a flash drive to bring home.

My version at home is a licensed 3.11.2 advanced.


I actually pointed the sequencer and visualizer to open the files from the flash drive .. worked fine.


Now for the fun part ...


I'm, playing with the sequence and go to use the chase tool and <ding> ......error message...

"Data from an encrypted sequence cannot be copied except on the sequence's originating computer"


Not sure how I encrypted the sequence (or if I really did.. .) or is it an artifact from demo to licensed ?


any idea?




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The fact you created and saved it on a demo license is the problem. To undo the lock you would need to register the software on the work laptop and save the file. Once you save it there it will be un-encrypted.

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Thanks for the quick reply Don ..

I figured it had to be something along those lines ...


I will add that to my never ending list of stuff I didnt know about LOR ... LOL..


appreciate the info...




PS.. all long I always thought the ONLY difference in the DEMO and the LICENSED version was the ability to control the lights ...

Learn something new everyday !!

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Sorry, to drag up an old thread, but I am seeing the same thing . . . but a little different.


I have a sequence that someone shared.  I am trying to change it to work with my light configuration.  I get this same message, but my software is registered.


I have saved the file as a new name, but it still doesn't work.  I have went through this process with several other sequences.  Any help would be appreciated.

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