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does this transmitter suck or is it broke?

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Id like to have it in the den next to the show pc, but it wont make it out of the house (unobstructed) i moved it to the front porch but even still it barely makes a fuzzy 100 feet.

I have about six of them, if yall think its defective ill try swapping it out with one of the others.

Thanks, nick.


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Since you have 6 of them and it only takes a few seconds to swap it out I would suggest swapping it out and that will answer your question about it being defective. Also, try turning up the volume of your audio source (computer) and see if that helps.

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Alright ill try swapping it, i was just hoping someone would say it should do better than that.

I got a whole box of them when the gym my wife worked at closed, they had them on the tv's. Also got all+ the cat5 for my display lol.

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Other than that things are going great for my first year i put the finishing touches on my sequences last night (33 songs an intro and shut down in the show).

All i have left to put up is the mega tree and i "might" build some candy cane spinners.

Oh and the 16'+4' 24 channel mega is only costing 50 bucks to build (minus lights) im going to do a post when i build it.

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 i was just hoping someone would say it should do better than that.



Okay, I'll say it. It should do better than that.


But not knowing the output, it's hard to say.

Cranking the volumne up or down on the computer wont change the distance. It has to do with the output of the transmitter.


Here is something I found from another user.

Posted back in 2009. I have an extremely high quality BV3001 FM Transmitter. It comes with the power supply and a soft copy of the manual. I lost the original manual and the little antenna.

Now that I own one, I highly recommend using quarter wave antennas with these little transmitters. They cost approx $70 including shipping. I found out through my own experience that the dipole antennas do not work as nice as the adjustable quarter wave. Or for for roughly $100, the adjustable half wave antennas are even more awesome.

I paid $180 for this unit <new> about 3 to 4 years ago. This was a steal back then .. but you know good ole eBay ! I have only used it for a few dock parties since.

I am selling it because I bought a more powerful Ramsey. however, this BV has far nicer features that the Ramsey does not have, including front panel digital frequency select (Ramsey has internal DIP switches), and the input volume trim (which I already miss). I needed more power to get a about a quarter mile for my neighborhood. This would be perfect for some of you who only want to transmit a short distance.

You can come over to the house and we'll hook it up to my antenna. It transmits a clean 1/10th of a mile or more. The specs call it 35,000 sq feet indoors, but it goes further outside.

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Alright....so an antenna was going to cost at least $80, and this transmitter has a odd antenna so theres no telling what id have to go through.

So i bought a new one that everyone seems to be having good luck with for $67 including two day shipping.

The new transmitter is awesome, it at least tripled the range and sounds way better!

Old one...


New one....


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