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Good 24/7 Christmas music sources?

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Even though I do my sequencing nearly year round and work a lot on my display, I still hold out until Thanksgiving night before I start actually listening to Christmas music on the radio. 


Having lived my entire life near Philly, I got spoiled by having several radio stations that played 24/7 Christmas music.  One of them usually started playing the week before Thanksgiving, even though I waited before I started to listen.  I moved to Atlanta a few months ago and just tried to Google search to find out what stations here do it.  Much to my chagrin, it appears none of them do.  :(   I do have XM radio in my car, and they have two stations...Holly and I forget the name of the other one.  They're OK, but also looking for other options. 


What do you folks who don't have radio stations playing Christmas 24/7 do?  I like to listen to a really wide variety of stuff...everything from Bing to TSO to stuff from the '80s (when I was growing up), to funny/parody songs, to the Carpenters, to Mariah Carey, and tons of other things.  I'm not a religious person at all, so I don't listen to the real religious songs.  So what can you recommend that plays a wide variety, or multiple stations (Pandora??)

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I don't have internet... So here is what I do.


I installed WinAmp and dumped my Christmas Music into the WinAmp playlist. Hundreds of songs and probably all the ones which you enjoy hearing.

WinAmp is set to random shuffle and repaly. Then I saved the playlist to the desktop. - Christmas Music

Then I create a basic Scheduled Task and point it to the Desktop at the Christmas Music playlist.

I set the start time for 0555. It is set to Shut Down at 12 hours.

I have five minutes of dead air before my show starts at 1800. But that is OK, it builds suspense.


If you don't want the dead air you can set it for 5:59 and twelve hours for task shut down.


I also have a playlist for rainy nights which plays a different Demented Elf mp3 stating that there is no show tonight due to weather after every song.


Now I can tune the FM radios in the house to listen to my playlist. I am sure my neighbors are listening, too.

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I listen to Pandora Radio off of the internet.  You can get it on your smart phone also.  Everything in my house is pretty much bluetooth so I can put pandora on my phone or laptop and listen through my stereo. 

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I haven't checked Pandora...do they have more than one Christmas channel?  Is there any particular one you'd recommend?

I have about 20 Christmas stations.  You can search for a artist like TSO and make that a channel.  Then that channel will play TSO and other bands/artist that are similar.  You can also search by genres, such as Christmas clasics or Christmas pop and that will be a station that plays that type.


I love it.  I rarely listen to standard radio anymore.  I plug my phone into my care stereo and off I go. 


It is also free.  You can upgrade to get commercial free listening but you do not need it, very few commercials.

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