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Projection in my LOR Christmas Show

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Convert the video to a WMF file, Add the video to your sequence, configure windows to use the projector as a second display (different set up in every windows) HDMI works the best and you shourd see the video on the projector

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A further question about this setup:  My little Win7 netbook only has Home Basic on it, and does not include a projector presenter view.  It's either projector on, both displays on, or netbook display only.  I'm not at the point of being able to preview a show yet.  When my show is finished, can I just choose the projector only, and be assured that my video files will show full screen on the projector, without the home screen and menus showing?  I'm a mac guy!   


I do have Windows XP on my mac running in Parallels..from a projector point of view, would it be better to run the show off my mac?



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First of all, sorry about the MAC :-)

Not too long ago a friend was trying to run a presentation though a XP/MAC and had lots of issues, ended up doing a lot of manual work.

On the Win7 machine, you should be ok using both displays, just know what ever is on the laptop screen is on the projector.  On my show machine, I have removed as many of the shortcuts as makes sense, and have chosen wallpaper that looks like gift wrap so when it shows for a few seconds here and there, it looks better.


Good Luck,

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I purchased a cheap Lenovo Win7 Pro laptop from Amazon, and it's working great!  The 7 Pro has the projector presenter mode, and I am using it with a little pico projector.  No blips between the songs at all.  I should have at least a raw video in a couple of weeks.

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