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I am a newbie.  I have searched but haven't been able to find my answer.  Hopefully someone here can answer some things for me.


I don't have the option of leaving a PC connected to the system.  If I purchase the LOR1602Wg3, what additional hardware will I need to buy from LOR?  Is this unit truly "stand alone"?


I know I will have to purchase either software to create shows or purchase shows, or both.


I am just trying to understand exactly what it will cost to get everything to get a system up and running without keeping a PC connected to it.


Thanks for any help.

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If you want to run musical sequences, you will need some type of director. Take a look at the Typical Setups (http://www1.lightorama.com/typical-setups/) to see how these would be connected.


You would either need the Showtime Director, which can be programmed for start/stop times, or the mini-director. Note that the mini-director will play when it has power. 


If you *only* want animation, zero music, with your display, then you could download the animation to the 1602. It too would play anytime the box has power. 


(FYI: Check your helpdesk ticket. There is a lot of good information in the reply.)

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Thanks for your reply.  I did read the information in the help ticket reply, but I was looking for some specific information, which you gave me.  Thanks again for the reply.


I see now what I need to buy and unfortunately, I may not be able to afford it this year.


I would be happy with animation only, but the music would be a nice option.

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Hi Doakra,

If I can give you my $.02 I was in a similar situation last year. This will be my first year with the lights.

Get the software first and play around with it. Create some sequences or sometimes people will give you one. Tinker with the visualized too and you can get an idea what the lights will look like in your yard. Plan what lights will go where.

In the spring look for light pre sales, and LOR usually has a summer sale. Don't pay full price for items you want now.

It's difficult to be patient but the investment is worth it.

For me I tucked away some money each month to create a "light budget" and I'm glad I did. It seemed to take forever but a year later I'm getting ready for my first show and can't wait!

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It"s really is worth it. Last year at this time I could hardly stand it because I wanted to do a show so bad.  However I'm glad I planned and saved for the lights and controller.  It gave me time to use the software and read the forums for help and advice.  I am still learning a lot.

The MP3 director is very expensive but I couldn't run wires out of my house. I create a show, save it on the SD card and plug it in.  I did a few songs for Halloween and I couldn't believe it actually worked.


If you plan everything out then the set up will be much easier. I'm glad I did.


Start planning and saving now…..next year will come faster than you think!!

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I might be wrong, but I don't think you can save sequences using the demo version. So you would have to buy the software or get it in a package deal to save your work. Depending how big you want to get, it is usually better to get the advanced version from the start.


Eric, if you have a dedicated laptop or desktop computer to run your shows, you can get the wireless transceivers to get the data to your controllers without running a cable through a window or wall. A good thing about wireless, you are better protected from lightning strikes or the rare voltage spikes than using a direct cable from computer to controllers.

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Ya, I saw the wireless units that can be hooked up o the controllers. Pretty slouch but also pretty expensive.

I went with the MP3 director because I have an old computer that freezes from time to time. I didn't want to have to rely on the computer.

The MP3 thing is kinda cool. Save and schedule the sequences a SD card and then install the SD card into the unit. I honk it would be cool though to use a wireless unit and have it control lights in my neighbors yard accross the street.

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