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I'm new to the LOR and would like to start expanding my show.  I know it's already too late for this year, but want to start figuring things out for next year.  I bought a 27CH RGB Controller, I've created a 3 pin XLR to CAT5 cable using the following pinout RJ45 pin 4 to XLR pin 3; RJ45 pint 5 to XLR pin 2, and RJ45 pin 6 to XLR pin 1), I also have an external power supply.  BUT I cannot get the board to communicate with the program.  I've watched about every youtube video and have read information on the forums, but I can't quite figure out my problem.  I've read some information that LOR with communicate DMX without the need of a "converter" such as entec, but I dont think my board is really a DMX board, but rather a dumb board.  I've tried setting it up as just another LOR device with RGB channels, but again cannot get it communicate.  I currently only have a 16CH controller.  Any ideas?


I've also heard some people get together in the sacramento area.  I'd like to join you guys for your next meeting and meet some people that I can learn from.  I'll appreciate any help I can get.





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Your 27-channel board is a DMX board. Since you said you are expanding your show, I assume you already have LOR controllers, so you have a LOR network, which will not talk to your 27-channel DMX board, since it doesn't speak the LOR protocol.


One solution is to convert your network to a DMX network. This doesn't require any hardware changes other than the LOR-to-DMX cable you have already made, but it does require you to re-configure LOR by removing the RS485 adapter as a LOR network, and adding it as a raw DMX network. One caveat is that I don't know if the LOR show player will work without any LOR networks; I haven't tried it. The other problem with switching from LOR to DMX is that the shimmer effect won't be as smooth, because the computer has to do it instead of the controllers.


A more robust solution is to add a DMX network to your existing LOR network. There are multiple ways of doing this.

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I have one network of those boards. If you look at the Holiday Coro site, they sell them and have a video on how to set them up.



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