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There is a maximum number of fixtures?

Robert Burton

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I have a pixel tree (non ccr) that is 40 pixels high and 24 strings wide. Since I don't have a ccr, the visualizer would not build this in dmx mode. So I built ONE string one bulb at a time. Then I copied it, renamed it, and ran the channel wizard. I got all the way to string 22 and had an error message saying "You cannot paste this prop since it would exceed the maximum number (1024) of fixtures allowed.


I have spent hours going through this process and got this far. Is there any other work around?


Someone PLEASE respond or help....


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I just found this bug/limitation the hard way after hours of troubleshooting!


I was trying to create a visualization for a 48 X 24 pixel flag, 8 universes, 144 pixels per universe (1152 total).  Got 7 universes done and it started crashing part way thru the 8th.


The above workaround will not work for me, as although I have an advanced Showtime license, I don't have the Superstar add-on.  :(


So I am anxious for a fix or workaround or an increase beyond the 1024 limit! 

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Two parts to this.  As for building a visualization file to import into SuperStar, build it using CCRs and then when you export into SE, paste it to your DMX channels.  You can also now use the DMX keyword workaround (other threads here explain that).


For playing, the 1000 fixture limit is more of a problem for DMX since the only work around is to have two visualizations and use the LOR UDP splitter so you can drive them both at the same time.  Have part of the display in each visualization.  For example, for Christmas 2014, I had my pixel tree and star in one and the rest of the yard in another.

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You may wait until the S4 version comes out this month, I'm sure that version will have a way of not requiring each pixel to be it's own fixture as it is in S3.

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I agree, the new S4 version coming will allow many more fixtures and probably changes the way they are handled. What some people might see however is a slow-down in the visualizer playing at the proper sync'd speed as the SE, when running. Hopefully not but I'm sure there's limitations at how fast the GPU will handle the data flow coming in from the CPU.

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