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Recommendations on setup E1.31,LOR newbie

David Barnett

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Hey gang. Well, taking the plunge this year going to E1.31.


Here is what I'm going to be running.


1. 24x150 Mega Tree. I'm using these strips from Holiday-Coro. Yes, they really do have 150 pixels /strip.

I'll be using 2 PixLite 16 controllers for the tree.  1 Universe/strip. So like 24 universes.


David and crew have already tested and set this up for me, with everything needed to run the tree. IE power supplys etc.


2. 3 CCR's made into 6 arches.(3 controllers)


3. 5-6 CCB's (roofline).(3-4 controllers)


4. CMB24D w/8 RGB Floods and Power supply.   Purchased Summer sale


OK, The mega tree will use E1.31 and the 24 universes. Should be all set.   Unfortunately, broke my right elbow, limited on what I can do now for about 4 weeks...uggh.


Right now, just trying to get some sequences done for the new setup.   BoBO helped me on creating the Config file using vegomatic.


Seems to me the easiest setup would be:


Use the RS485's for the Floods,CCB's and CCRS. Can I easily daisy chain the CCB's; or is there a limit on how many could be connected at 1 time.


I figured I would need 2 networks to run the LOR stuff.


Then, we come to the tree setup.   Would I tell LOR were the address is on the networking preferences DMX area?  I'm running 2 PixLite 16 controllers, so would the Network Preferences then just show those 2 addresses for the e1.31?


If not, could I get some insight on how to set up LOR S3(running most recent advanced).


Finally, what would be the best way to set this up in Nutcracker, for those that use Nutcracker?


Forgive me for my repetition of the questions.    I was reading a lot. However, it seemed as though things changed on opinions thought etc.   Do I need a dongle or not, yes you do;no you do not.


I just got more and more confused at that point.


I figured if I just posted my setup and what I wanted to accomplish, some of you could shed some light for me again.   IE "Don't make Easy Hard"


Look forward to good insight from you folks.


Thank You in advance for your thoughts and assistance.




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I would use 2 Lor networks & e131. I don't have pixlite controller but I believe it's like the sandevice which I use. If using more than 1 e131 device you will need a network switch, cannot be daisy changed ( bought anywhere amazon, Walmart cheap is fine, I paid $15 for the one I use) 2 Lor networks also means that you will need 2 rs485 adapters. In network preferences you will assign each Lor adapter to a comm port & each dmx universe will also need to be set up. For dmx you have 2 options in network preferences 1 is multicast where you just have to input your universe numbers & all controllers will receive all the data & they sort out what's for them. Or 2 is unicast where you assign each dmx universe to the specific ip address of each of your pixlite controllers. I use unicast, to me it makes more sense that each controller only gets the data that is intended for it.

As for nutcracker I've used it sparingly mostly for a few effects & I just cut & paste effects into sequence editor. The setup didn't take to long because I only used it for my megatree which when flattened out is really just a matrix,

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Darryl, Thank You for your input. Really appreciated.    Yeah that was the direction I was leaning towards.


I'm concerned as I add more effects to the LOR seq. it won't be able to handle all the channels.


My RGB Mega tree alone is 10800 channels. Just working on that one item is causing LOR to choke a little. I have the 4GB installed as well.  I was looking for a possible Plan B to sequence with Nutcracker.


NC will only handle 96 USB channels. Hence, my query switching to the E1.31/DMX stuff.


Especially now that NC has a feature called WholeHouse, were you can do the NC effects across all your lights in the yard.IE Instead of just the butterfly effect on the Mega tree, it would cover your roofline,arches,matrix etc...Pretty Cool!


Similar to the Macro thing from LSP if you are familiar with that software.


IN order to create that in NC then export it out as a LCB in LOR, would probably cause some of issues, if it worked at all due to size.


That is why I'm looking at running the CCB,CCR's E1.31 from Nutcracker as a Plan B.


Thank You for your valuable time.   If LOR get the new version out, this will probably be a moot point.




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This is my first year to use a pixlite 16 controller. I use one universe for each channel, which worked out great and was easy. All are the same IP address and the the beginning of each universe starts with 1 and ends at 50.   I used Advatak light assistant http://www.advateklights.com/resources/ to get it all working. I'm still working out issues though, like one string doesn't work except for four pixels and another will light half way up.


As for sequencing, I made and saved template first in LOR sequencer. This way, later down the road i can copy and paste without having to start from scratch. I first added my 2 16Ch controlers and then added my 16 universes and converted the universes to RGB's. I then just copied and pasted on universe at a time.


I hope this helps. 


Oh, and if any of you know why I'm having the failure in my light strings, I open for any and all suggestions.


Happy lighting!

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