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BIG Thank You to LOR Support


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This is my seventh year as a LOR user.  In those seven years, I have had my share of problems but always seemed to find the answer through sheer male stubborness or a lot of help from these forums.  This year, my wife and I increased the size of our display to almost 1500 square feet and included three major changes.  I'm retired and it's just the two of us; we work all year planning and building our show.  With all the additions this year, we began our setup in the 100+ degree, September, Arizona heat.  About 10 days ago, we were ready to turn the lights on and do some testing.  We had three major problems that we could not figure out, so in a desperate last ditch effort, I contacted the LOR Support desk for help.  I have contacted other support sites for a variety of issues and they usually get back with you in a day or two; if you have further questions, it might take another couple days to receive a new response.  Not LOR!  With all three problems, I had a return e-mail within a couple hours; the last two problems I received an initial response within 15 minutes.  What really impressed me:  they would suggest I try something, I would go out and try it, come back and send my response.  Immediately, I received new guidance/instructions.  It was like they were sitting there waiting for me, like I was the only priority when I know they have many other responsibilities and tasks on their plates.  I know Bob patiently explained and walked me through the last software problem.  I was so frustrated, I even forgot how to copy a file when he asked me to send it to him.  he had to explain to me how to do it.  (I felt like a fool on that one.)  The first two hardware problems, I don't know who exactly helped me, but think it may have been Dan.  Anyway, sincere thanks to Bob and ???  And for anyone reading these forums, thinking about getting into this hobby, you aren't just buying hardware and software, you are getting customer support that has no equal.  I just can't say enough about that support and somehow "Thank You" does not seem like enough.



We ran what was supposed to be a test show last night.  All 16 sequences totaled 47 minutes and we stood out there through two shows without realizing it.  We live in the desert without many houses around us, but had three carloads show up while standing there.

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Denny, good call out.


LOR IS the Best!!! And so are the helpful members here. Couldn't do this without them.



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They are also helping me with a controller that I purchased off of ebay. I completely agreed to the cost of repair as it is very reasonable even though I am not the original purchaser. These guys rock!

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