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Is there a simple fix or do i have to start over


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I currently have advance edition with superstar demo. Everything has been working out for my first year. However tonight i wanted to work on some sequences and my editor will not open. it seems that all other functions work. but when i select the editor it pops up with several run time errors then a window with the following inforation.


Failed to load control "vbalExp Bar Ctl from vbalExp Bar 6. ocx. it continues on to say that it may be outdated.


Is the there a place to update the program or do i need to dump the program and reload everything. Thanks in advance for any help you may have on this subject.

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One thing you can do before you reload software is to save your sequences you programmed already on your desktop. Go to the LOR program where the audio and sequence folders are located and copy them to your desktop. It should be found in documents folder.  Just in case your hard work is lost by the reinstall.



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