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Visualizer Troubleshooting - Use the Tutorial


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if you are having problems getting the Visualizer to work, especially if at some previous point it was working and now isn't, the very first thing to do is go through the tutorial.  I realize that you may be a pro and have used the software literally thousands of times.  However -- One of the first things we are going to ask you to do is run through the tutorial as if you have never used the Visualizer before.  


The Visualizer Tutorial should actually be called 'The Quick Start Guide', since it takes you from nothing to something that works in a short amount of time.  The best thing about it is that it hits on every single little detail that could be preventing you from running a successful Visualization.  Working through the tutorial will either jog your memory about something you forgot (Control Visualizer in the SE anyone?), or will give us an idea of where to start working with you to fix your issue.


I realize that some of you may take exception at being treated like a newbie, however the Visualizer Tutorial is also a great troubleshooting tool for us.  

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