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Ron Boyd

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There was a discussion earlier this year about having Superstar span 2 different monitors, where the green sequencing grid could be on one monitor and the visualization on the other. There hasn't been much talk of this as of late, so I thought I'd bring it up. 


I have created a pdf to show how I was thinking of it being laid out. I don't know how in depth this would be as far as the code, but this would be a nice feature for us Superstar users.


In the attached pdf, I created a picture of the Superstar layout as is and then used the snipping tool to create the same page, just reversed. My thinking is, if using 2 monitors, you could expand the window to span both monitors and have the visualizer on the right, instead of the left. This not only would help with whole display sequencing in SS, but would also enlarge the sequencing grid to allow easier placement of commands.



Just a thought and would like to add it to the wishlist.


As always, thanks for this wonderful tool for the folks who use it.

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another example of how that could work is LightShow Pro.  There is a dockable visualizer window that you can undock and drag wherever you want, zoom in our out, expand to the whole second monitor whatever you want.


You can have that any spot and your grid, layers, etc else where.

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