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Not detecting megatree on it's own row - and morph issues


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Hi there

I've gone through a superstar tutorial for creating instant visualizations, but I can't figure this out:

I'm importing a visualization pair - I created several row files in vis editor and manipulated them in different ways to see if I could get the mega tree on it's own row and the house lights and small trees on seperate rows so I could have some control over morphing from left to right and what not (The generated visualizations were too random) -

The SS does not detect the Megatree on a seperate line - it does put all the strings in a row in order it seems, but it adds other lights from seperate rows. I've attached some screenshots to hopefully explain things better and maybe I can get some guidance on what I'm doing wrong..

visRow.png is the what I wanted to detect, SSrow.png is what was detected and  visReal.png is kind of what the display is supposed to look like.

Thank you for any guidance!!!






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Make sure the mega-tree is in its own Prop. Also, realize that it takes the center of the Prop as it's location, so check to make sure there isn't a stray piece of something that is a part of the mega-tree prop that is making the center of the mega-tree prop be in an unusual location.


If that's not the problem, email the real and the row visualizations to brian@superstarlights.com and I will take a look at it.

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