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CMB24 light Issue


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I was testing my CMB 24 card in the HU and all channels work perfectly except for channel 5 which as soon as I plug in the controller the channel 5 light comes on (RED), none of the other lights come on (using 8 RGB floods) except Channel 5. I have to unplug the controller to get the light to turn off


In the HU I can run the tests and control the lights, different colors dim etc (even on 5)  I have moved lights around replaced the pigtail from the controller to the light and light still stays on?



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If you can move the light to another channel and it comes on, then it's probably the flood head.


However, if you move another flood head to that channel and that flood comes on, it's the controller. More specifically, it's the mosfet for that particular channel.


Either way, you're probably going to end up contacting LOR for a repair/replacement.

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