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Using Premade Sequences


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As stated in an earlier post, I am brand new to this so please bear with me and my terminology.


When using an existing or pre-made sequence, I need to align or assign the channels to match my display. (I have my display diagrammed and all the strands mapped to channels)  Are there any tips or tricks that would help me do this?  I am referring more to making the sequence look smooth and not just a bunch of lights flashing in time to the music.  Any recommendations as far as doing one channel at a time or a group together?  Should I just make a brand new sequence using a template and add the existing channels one by one?


I am currently using the Visualizer and it helps immensely, but it is still taking me forever to match all the channels to my lighting configuration and making it look good.  Each time I feel as though I am making progress the next channel I assign makes me want to go back and arrange what I have already completed.  Is this always an issue or am I missing something?


I know this is a very vague question, but at the rate I'm going, I wont be ready til Christmas 2020. 



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Well the way the sequence was "built" will determine if it's smooth or a bunch of lights flashing. Re-arranging channels shouldn't matter.

I would suggest one channel at a time BUT if they are grouped, like a mega tree, mini trees, arches and such, then keep those grouped.

Start with individual props from the premade sequence and transfer it to your individual prop/element.

It's going to take time either way.

But at least your not starting from scratch trying to figure out the initial timing.

You're probably farther along than you think.

Take a look at one element at a time, not the whole sequence.

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