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Guests pick a song to play next with Android or iPhone


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There is still time to set up your show to be interactive via smart phone.    Display the real time song list and guests get to pick the song.  No hardwired buttons needed. 

You must be using LOR to control your show and have the ADVANCED lor license but you do not need a smart phone. 


This is a free service but you have to sign up.   Send email to itsmebobo at yahoo.com    Please pick a four letter site code for your domain. 

Example domains  are   tclh   dode  lcls     I will set up a domain for you which can be linked from your site if you wish.  Not required for you to have a website. 


Here is a list of Album art used on member voting pages. 




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I'm using lor minidirector and not my pc - but you are making me want to start using my pc.

As Santas Helper already said - pretty cool...

Thanks for sharing all the programs you make available to help us all.

Your flipper has already been a real help for me in SE.

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