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For RGB Intelligent pixels/nodes, you'll need an E1.31 controller such as the San Devices, JoshuaSystems or HolidayCoro card. You'll also need a power supply in the flavor of whatever pixel types you buy such as 5vdc or 12vdc. If its all going outside, you'll need an enclosure such as a CG1500 which are cheap and work nice. If its not hanging on something, you should consider a controller stand.


For RGB Dumb pixels/strips, you'll need a CMB24 card from LOR which is a DC controller. You'll also again need a power supply and enclosure(if outside).


To clarify about the types in case you don't know, Intelligent pixels/nodes are where each LED is addressable and each individual LED can be changed. Dumb strips is where the entire string is one color, but any color. Let's say you have 8 strips...each strip is individually addressable and each can be a different color but each individual strip is all one color.


Configurations to LOR to make these work is easier than it sounds. 

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