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Hi I'm new to this all as of last Christmas. I just started out with 8 dumb led strips. This year I ordered another 8 dumb and 12 ccr strips with pixlight16 controller. I'm just wondering what all I need to get the controllers chained together. I'm reading that I need a dongle but the cmb says it does Dmx too. Can I just change the pins to Dmx and chain them all together or is there still something that needs to go in between the lor and Dmx controlers. Any help would be appreciated. I would like to start learning about all the different ways to control the lights.

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I'm using a Dmx controller from holidaycoro and the cmb24's from lor. Been doing a lot of reading now and it sounds like I can switch the pins to dmx and it will work. But now I have found out that I can't use the show director with this unless I get the idmx1000 or run it from a computer now. Is there any other advise you have for making this setup as easy as possible, I would like to have it going when I recieve my stuff.

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I was a little confused because your first post said you ordered 12 ccr strips with the pixlight16 controller. A CCR strip is a Light-O-Rama product that comes with its own controller, and uses the LOR network protocol. You would not typically use a CCR strip with the PixLite 16 control board, which drives generic pixel strips of various types. I was not familiar with the PixLite 16 board, but it seems to be similar to boards from SanDevices or Joshua1Sys.


The LOR show director has LOR network outputs. The PixLite 16 board has E1.31 (DMX over Ethernet) input. The two are not compatible, even from the hardware level, even with switching pins.


I would get an ELOR to convert up to 2048 channels from the LOR network to an E1.31 output, which will then connect to the Ethernet socket in the PixLite 16. Your display will have both LOR network and Ethernet, which run on the same type of cables and have the same connectors, but beware because if you plug the LOR network into an Ethernet jack, it may damage the Ethernet interface, so make sure to label your cords.


Using the ELOR, you can control up to 680 pixels. This will work if your 12 pixel strips have 50 pixels each.

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