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Anyone else that may see the end coming


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  As many of you know my wife and I are raising three teenaged granddaughters. Our oldest is a senior in highschool and will not be here to help after this year. Neither of the other two have what it takes for me to feel safe for them to do the icicles that the oldest has done for years. We started today getting everything out organizing cords. ect. I have some back and leg problems and I am in bad pain this evening and I only worked about 3 or four hours outside. Our middlest granddaughter will be gone in two years, I just don't think I can do this with just one child and definitely in four years by myself. It is a bit upsetting that it may not last longer than that, but I have had a great time. I am typing this and I guess I could scale down to just a few dueling mega trees?


  This is just my long winded way to say I am sore lol. Anyone else?



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I do mine a little at a time.

It is the roof which kills me. 

Going up and down the ladder then standing at an angle for so long.

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