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Looking for Pentatonix "little Drummer Boy"


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  I was wondering if anyone has a sequence to Pentatonix Little Drummer boy that they are willing to share.  I have 96 channels,  but anything to get me started would be appreciated.    Willing to purchase if need be,  this year has flown by so fast and I'm far behind now.





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Steeler95 - just sent out my version to you as well...  I don't have a video for it since I'll be debuting it this year, but maybe you can use it as well.


Mine is set up for 16 channel house outline, 12 channel candy cane pinwheel, 3 channel singing reindeer, and two 8 channel firesticks.

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I sent you guys my version as well...


Papa - what's your email address?  papa@gmail.com bounced back.


sorry my bad my num lock was off






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For anyone else...  Here's a 90 day link: Little Drummer Boy.lms


Here is the breakdown...  There are descriptions for the first 16 channels in the file.


Channels are grouped/sectioned as follows:


17-28 - Candy Cane Pinwheel

30 Holiday Coro Singing Reindeer outline
31 Holiday Coro Singing Reindeer closed mouth
32 Holiday Coro Singing Reindeer open mount

33-48 Firesticks configured as stereo VU meter.


Hope this helps!

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Would love to experiment with your file but can't seem to download it properly. I can't right click on the download button to save target to my desktop. Do you have to have a Wikisend account to download?




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