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I need a few basic beats


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I went through all the sequences that I plan to use this year and gave tham all a letter grade. The following are the ones that recieved a C- or lower. I know I should have made the cut off an A-, but truth be told I am just noit very good at sequenceing. I am jsut looking for maybe 12 basic channels that have the main beat to these. anything more or less would be great as well, hey it can't make them any worse.




Song                                             Grade I gave my sequence



Christmas in Sarajevo                                       D-


Corol of the Bells                                               C-


Christmas Shoes                                               C-


Mele Kalikimaka                                                 D


Winter Wonderland                                           D


Frosty the Snowman                                          C-


Sleigh Ride                                                        B                                                                             but I forgot to sequence my Mega Tree and the song is missing a good steady beat


any and all help is appreciated



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The Beat Wizard is your friend. It can plow through all those songs in less than five minutes, and do as good a job (and in most cases even better) than a music major.

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