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Stringing lights on arch question


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Canadian tire has mini lights on sale this week so i thought I'd build some last minute arches. I'm planing on using 10ft pipe and probably 9 sections. What I'm trying to find out beforehand to save time is 1-100ct string enough for each section? How does it look? Suggestions/opinions anyone?

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First thing great choice on an odd number of sections. If you are using a 10" section of PVC Schedule 40 pipe you will have 9' of usable space for your sections.

Reason is you need to let 6" on each end of the pipe bare for snow on the ground. That leaves you with 9' to work with. If you go with your 9 sections that gives you 12" sections of lights.

100 count will work very well. Plenty of lights in each section. As for how you do your arches that is up to you. You can wrap the lights around each one or you can do the sleeve method.

Hope this helps you out.

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Thanks Joe! I have 6 days off starting tomorrow to get the rest of the display up! Last big push before the snow and cold gets here!

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