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I just received 2 diy kits and have been putting them together. The boards that come in these kits are really amazing quality. I have worked on a lot of printed circuit boards in the past. Always have to be careful not to over heat the copper and have it peal off the board. I do not think you have to worry about that with these. I am really impressed with these kits from instructions, to quality, and do not forget the green and red bubble wrap packing.

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Finally figured out why channel 1-8 was not working on either board. I overlooked using the jumper on the neutral side when using one power cord to test them. I spent hours looking at solder joints and component orientation when it was something simple on both.

Time to borrow a sequence or two and get these 32 channels making my house and yard blink for the first time. May even test out the FM Tx I just got in.

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Very nice kits. Just remember to use enough solder to make the connectors for the pigtails very robust. Check that both sides of the board are making solid connections. I up my soldering iron to 45 watts for these heavy duty connections.

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