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iDMX32 or iDMX1000?


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First off Hi from a LOR newbie!

After years of drooling at others displays (and being thrilled that LOR now offers DMX control) I've finally slapped down $$$ and went for it. I've ordered the software and an iDMX (yes I realize it's very late in the season to be buying my LOR, if it doesn't happen this year, it doesn't happen :) ). Anyway I've got a couple questions about the iDMX:

I'd like to just use DMX dimmers (since I already own a bunch of them) and not add any actual controllers (other then the iDMX, of course). Will this work or do I need an actual LOR controller somewhere in the chain? I plan to run my shows off computer.

And I see the DMX interface is listed as the "iDMX32" on the LOR website, will this be the one I receive or will it be the newer iDMX1000 everyone's talking about on the forum? Not sure what the difference is...one has more intelligent channels?

Again I've never actually used LOR before other then playing with the sequence editor demo. However I do have a bit of experience with DMX thank to working behind the scenes with concerts and stuff like that.


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I don't believe you will need a controller in the chain...but I think that the idmx1000 is powered by the nearest controller...so you'll need an adapter.

the iDMX32 is the "old" name for this new thing...it was renamed teh iDMX1000 before it's debut. Same thing...2 different names.

The iDMX1000 has 64 intellegent channels....you'll be using those if you plan on shimmering/twinkling (and fading....i'm not sure)

Have fun! Enjoy it!

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The IDMX-1000 requires power. You can get the power one of three ways.

1) With the LOR USB-485B (connects to the PC USB port and powers the IDMX)

2) With seperate power source (Like a wall transformer)

3) From a LOR controller board.

Since you would need a PC connection anyway I would suggest going the LOR USB-485B.

However if no not want the PC connected to the IDMX during the show you would need an LOR Controller board that would run in standalone mode to control the IDmx.

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Thanks for the reply guys, that answers my questions. I feel like such a noob with some of this stuff, but hay, everyone starts somewhere. I ordered the USB booster with the LOR software, so that covers powering the iDMX. Now it's just a matter of waiting for it to ship...

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