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5050 RGB Strip lights don't display the right colors


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Not exactly sure where to best post this question but I need to know how to get all my 5050 colors to fire the right color. When I set blue or red or any specific color in a sequence, I obviously want that color on the strip. I'm using 1 meter LED strips that are encased in durable aluminum pieces - all waterproof. My runs are about 3 meters long (3 LED 1-meter sections) - each run connected to a separate CMB24D output so no power problems.


Assuming the connections are correct, why would I get random colors here and there and how can I correct that? I use a G3-MP3 for the shows...


Would LOR's hardware utility work to do this? If so, how exactly?





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Color order of the ribbons different?  Not all RGB strings and ribbons are RGB.  Some are BGR or BRG, etc etc.  Check with the manufacturer and make sure of the color order.

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thanks for posting - they are the same - black wire, then come the red, green and blue, in that order. I get red color when there should be blue, for example, or green when there should be blue. Before I put them up on the house, I test each strip individually with a standalone controller and make sure that it fires the right color. Problem comes when I string a few of them together, then the colors are not the right ones.

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How are you stringing them together. I had a similar problem and realized the connectors I was using were not wire correct and I had to turn them 180 degrees to make them work. they must of been wired for GBR or something. If the strips test out fine until you connect them together it sounds like a connection problem.

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Keep in mind I have found wiring colors do not matter, I look at the Pixel/strip and then know where the wires are for what item. How long are the distances from the Controller? I had flickering colors and white challenges when my distance went over 20 ft.

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In some cases, the distance between the CMB24D LOR controller and the light run is over 20 feet - but hey, these strips are up on the house eaves so what else can we do about that? The strips are marked with the RGB and common designations unless they are wrong but I don't think so.


Could be connections as you say Kenny - I am using their barrell connectors that came with the strips. Where I had to cut a strip to size, I soldered the connectors to the pads on the strip where the "cut" designators are. Could be that there a cold joint here and there. I am in for some troubleshooting for sure....

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When I made a stick-man suit Costume for my Halloween night show I found that all the strips were lighting up perfectly but all the connect strips, head and arms were not lighting up correctly. the arms and head were connected to the open end of the Main strip (the strip connected to the controller) and I matched the wires by BBRG to BBRG colors. When I hit the blue button on the remote blue would light up on the main strip but on the connected strips Green would light up and vice versa for the green being blue. The white and red worked fine. so I double checked the wires. the colors matched up. So my thought was there must be a flipped set of wires or the colors are backwards. So I rewired it so the green wire went to the blue and the blue went to the green and that solved the problem. All the strips used in the suit were the cut off pieces of the shorted strips from my House lights. they all came from the same vendor. Creative Lighting Displays. I used the cut off pieces because I wanted the ends with the stub wires so I could solider the wires instead of the using clip splicers. This is the first time I found this issue and kiplorenzo is correct. Don't trust the color of the wires. test all of them first and as you connect more strips test them as you add them. 


As far as distance is concerned I have cables running from my CMB24 to the furthest strips that total 50' in length and I have never had any color or effects issues with those strips. I bought all my cables from Kevin at Creative lighting Displays. They seem to do the job. 


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how it is working....   


you set a color in S3  (24% blue, 51% red, 30%green)

S3 send what the power level is in % to the cmb24d

the cmb24d send out that power level to the strips (24% blue, 51% red, 30%green)

say 2 of your strips have no wires near them and are short runs, they receive (24% blue, 50% red, 29%green)  your color is off but not much


say 3 of your strips go across power cables or next to power cables or you have runs over 15 feet with small power cable to your strips...  

your strips are receiving something like this (20% blue, 46% red, 24%green)


the percent that the cmb24d is sending is power percentage of 12 volts...  so, 24% blue is 3.7 or so volts to the blue led's, 50% red is 6 volts red, 30% green is 4 volts..  when the power reaches the led, it has lost power, that is also why they are a different color at the end of 5 meter strips..



cmb24d-voltage   voltage at led at 25 feet 18 gauge (approximate)


100%=12v    -       11v

80%  =10v    -       9v


cmb24d-voltage   voltage at led at 25 feet 22 gauge cat 5 (approximate)


100%=12v    -       10v

80%  =10v    -       8v


 That is probably why your strips are different colors  


I just went through this, I had to use SOOW 16/4 gauge wire and it works fine, its still not perfect but I can live with it...  It drops probably 0.3 volts now

http://www.grainger.com/product/CAROL-Portable-Cord-3W479  I bought locally and got a better price and no shipping...

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