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Release 3.5.1; Fix for crashes in whole house model.


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Dave has found the root cause of crashes that occurred with some people and not others. It was related to single channel models that draw multiple lights but have only one channel.

It has been fixed in 3.5.1, the model i tried last night that crashes is now good.


Frankr has added ability to rotate models in the PREVIEW tab to include all models, not just single string.


REMEMBER!! Please ALWAYS do a "File,Backup" Before installing new software. Your xml files will be backed up into the Backup sub-directory under your show folder. Do It, it only takes a few seconds.




3.5.1 Oct 30, 2014

-bug (dpitts) Found bug that causes crash. Single color models that have multiple lights (think 1 string of single color

with 50 lights uses 1 channel, but draws 50 places) was not allocating memory correctly for each pseudo light.

-enh (frankr) Ability added to preview screen, you now can rotate any object not just single string.

3.5.0 Oct 29, 2014

-enh (dpitts) New button added to the preview screen. This will create a Whole House Model for you automatically.

There is now a new type of model "Whole House". You no longer need to use spreadsheets and the custom model.

Procedure: Layout your preview. When everything is correct, press "Create Whole House Model". Give it a name.

This new whole house model should NOT have "Part of my Display" checked.

Add the new whole house model as a column in your Nutcracker grid.

enjoy the new feature, many thanks to Dave Pitts!!

-bug (dkulp) fixed issue with Star model with users sequences that were older than Oct 20th. This was crashing 

xlights at launch time.

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