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Will these "Magic" LED Strips work with LOR Controllers/Software


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Hi!  I'm a newbie to the LOR forums.  Last year, I purchased 4 "Magic" LED strips on Amazon and they are great. Here are the one's I have:




They have chasing, flashing and other types of effect, unlimited colors, but a very limited controller as you can see.  So, I'd like to up my lightshow game this year and use LOR controllers, software, etc. to program my own shows but I'm not sure if these strips will work with LOR products. My strips seem to be similar to the CCRs from LOR but I'm not sure as the LOR products seem to have some extra features overall. 


Does anyone know if the LED strips I have can be controlled by LOR products?  I'm guessing I could only use the strips but not my controller, which makes sense. I would use the LOR controllers and software.   If they won't work, I'll buy the CCRs next year as I need to save up some $$, and just use what I have this year. 


Any help/direction would be great.  

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You could use the strips if you could find what kind of chip it uses .Then you will still need to buy a smart type pixel controller and run either e1-31 or dmx

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Thanks Dennis,


It's a 5050 SMD chip. I do know that it animates well and can do chase sequences (unlike some other RGB strips that can only flash and fade) but I'm not sure each LED can be controlled individually like the CCRs do.  Does that help? 

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It's a 5050 SMD chip.


That's the LED. Based on the picture, it seems that the LEDs are in groups of 3 (3 LEDs per pixel), which means they probably use 12v, although the review says 24v. First, remove the insulation from the wires and use a voltmeter to verify the supply voltage, and which is positive and which is negative.How many wires go to the LEDs? If it's 3 or 4, then it's probably a common controller chip that you can use. If there are more than 4 wires, then you may be out of luck.


Next get a San Devices 6804. Use the 24v power supply that came with the strips. (Will the 6804 work with 24v?) You have already figured out which wire is ground and which is the supply voltage, so you can use that to connect them properly.


Then try various chip settings in the 6804 until you find one that works.

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