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New release, 3.4.24. New feature, Views


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Release 3.4.24



Dave Pitts has a added a neat feature, views. 

Problem: You have 30-40 columns, one for each model. You are scrolling right to left modifying effects

Solution: Views. Views allow you to pick a subset of models that you want to work on. Give it a name. Now when you open a sequence, apply the view. Only those models in your view will show

Question: Does this affect the save process? Answer: No. Even though you view may show 5 of the 50 columns you have, when you press save all 50 will be saved.





Dan Kulp has added a feature to the Star Model.

If your star is in concentric rings (30,20,10) (50,30,20) , you can specify these when creating the model.




I have increased the maximum size of a custom model from 300x300 to 1000x1000




Finally, Don Julien continues to improve the Papagayo effects





3.4.24 Oct 28, 2014

-enh (dpitts) New feature to allow creating views. A view is a collection of models. When you select a view it acts

like a filter and only shows you the models contained in your view.

    -enh (dkulp) Star model can now have multiple star size “layers” to model exploding star type things

                     Example: a 100 node star may have 50 for the outer layer, 30 for the middle, 20 for the inner.

-bug (djulien) Fixed multi-cell morph (caused Papagayo flicker), avoid error if try to save file with no pgo data

-enh (sean) Increased custom model from 300x300 to 1000x1000

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