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Rearrange RGB / CCR strings


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Hey all.


I have a 12 string pixel tree that is setup as a CCR tree (so it will play in the VIZ).  However, in real life it is just a 2811 pixel tree.  The strings are setup bottom to top and top to bottom, ie string 1 pixel 1 on bottom, string 2 pixel 1 on top and so on.


Is there a tool that I can use to rearrange the strings in S3 to match the actual strings?  I have tried Vegomatic, but regardless of how I change the settings, it creates a LCC file with pixel 1 on the bottom of every string.




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If you are using the san devices controller you can tell it to "zig zag" your strings so that they start with the lowest number at the bottom.    If that works then all you need is to translate the strings from LOR to DMX.   see this tool to do that.


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