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What does a LOR twinkle look like?


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Some proposed twinkle, shimmer, strobes.

I currently implement a twinkle effect that is the first row of this picture. The second row is how i implement strobe. 

So the brown color is for current xlights. The BLUE  row is what i think LOR shimmer is.The last two rows are for discussion. 

Row 4 would mean i allow a slider so that twinkle can have varying ramp up and ramp down times. currently they are exactly the same. 

Last row is just to say if you can draw it, i will look to implement it.




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An LOR twinkle appears to be a random amount of "off" time between each "on" cycle for a given channel.  The "on" time appears pretty short.  Maybe 50ms.  This is pretty much the same as your strobe, near as I can tell.


A shimmer is a consistent "off" time for each "on" cycle for a given channel.  It appears to be a 50% duty cycle (same amount of on time vs. off time).  It's also fast.  I'm guessing 50ms on, 50ms off.


Here's an example of twinkle used on my entire street in this video.  It occurs at 1:56-ish.  http://youtu.be/i04Y7bttQtc?list=UU_4-yG4wM1iXnzRTVhFu0JA

Here's a shimmer on our roofline at 4:54.  http://youtu.be/YoyY2s-CNzE?list=UU_4-yG4wM1iXnzRTVhFu0JA


Looking back at that year (our first one) tells my sequencing skills have improved dramatically.   :)


For what it's worth, I like the way you've implemented your twinkle as well.  If you decide to add this effect (or these effects), I'd humbly ask that you give them a new name and retain the old versions as well.  Your twinkle is much "gentler", with the ramp that you use.  I use your twinkle effect regularly and would hate to see it go away.

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i am not changing my twinkle. It ramps up and then ramps down and you can change that. I like the gentle fades that are like 1 seconds up and one second down. Just some people were looking for some others. I will add them as options to the twinkle effect

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I believe LORs twinkle is just random on & off no ramps. As for shimmer if I remember correctly it's actually constant on & off at a rate of 1/7th of a second on 1/7th off. I had asked LOR years ago to put on the wishlist the ability to vary the speed of the shimmer

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I have a shimmer built that 


1) Is On/Off

2) Frequency of shimmer is adjustable

3) Duty cycle is adjustable. Ill default to 50%, but you can change from 1-100%. This is the percentage of on time for a cycle. Easy to add, dont know if it will be useful

4) I am adding now that you can pick how blinks you want shimmer to do on each row of the grid. If you are on row 10 seconds, next row starts at 20 seconds and you pick 4 blinks then

you will get the leading edge of the waveform to be 10, 12.5,15,17.5 seconds. If you change the 20 to 17.234 seconds it will exactly divide the time between rows always into 4 piles.


This would help if your timing marks are on the measures and you have 4/.4 time. You dont need  hundreds and hundreds of rows.


should be released before this weekend (in time for halloween)

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