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I am sure this happens to many of us but lately I have had lots of interest in my display and many people want to get into the hobby and like my neighbor who is trying to get in didn't realize how much time it takes for a complete DIY setup.  Getting into this hobby is not cheap nor is it easy but many of us have started small and built up over the years so its not as bad or at least we keep telling ourselves that. 

So enough with the intro my question has to do with RGB strips and starting cheap.  I use 2811 strips and Sandevices.  So in order for someone else to do that they need strips and power supply and enclosure, controller, software and a computer to run the show.  Sandevices has a few test sequences that people wanting to get into it could start out with but I was curious if anyone knew of another cheaper controller which had a few more test sequences that could get a beginners feet wet.  Simply chase, color fade.  Basics.  It would be nice if this controller could also work with LOR so when they decide to take training wheels off they could jump right in.  
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