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WiFi Quits Working When Show is On


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It might be just a coincidence, but my WiFi quits working when my show is running.


I only have one Ethernet port on my computer, so I run my San Devices straight out of a port on my WiFi (Netgear 10).


Anyone else experiencing this?  Should it be a problem running it that way?

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switch to unicast.  Multicast will take a network down more noticeable on a wireless network.  


Very easy to do.  I just switched.  The IP you use to access your SAN Device from an IE browser is the address you need to know.  Go into the LOR network preferences....same place you set the specific DMX universe to be multicast.  Change it to Unicast and then type your controller address.  You need to do this for each DMX universe and if you only have one sandevice they will all be the same.  Hope that helps.  

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