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Pixels As RBG..LOR as RGB


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Hi all,


I have a challenge, and I have been playing with the configs in the E682 but I am Stumped. I've attached the LOR Config, and the E682 Config.

I have my 1st DMX Universe in LOR Running true XLR DMX things- Floods, Driveway Lights, Star Projectors.

the 2nd and 3rd are the E682


Lor Network  Config Part 1: https://picasaweb.google.com/kiplorenzo/E682#6070954670702344418

E682 Config Part 1 : https://picasaweb.google.com/kiplorenzo/E682#6070954675043315154

E682 Config Part 2: https://picasaweb.google.com/kiplorenzo/E682#6070954373856681186


These Lights are 20 Pixels Per String, Ws2811. The Challenge: Lor is setup As RGB. The Pixels are RBG.. I have tried changing the controller settings in the E682, but Channel 1 is Red, 2 is Blue and 3 is Green...

 I am needing the channels to be 1 Red, 2 Green 3 Blue. When I did all of my Sequencing in LOR, it is Set as RGB... Anyone have an idea what I am doing Wrong here? or is there a way to flip the channels in Lor ?  NOOB to the E682 world.


I know most are working on their displays as am I ...any help is appreciated.





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On the E682 string config change the order to RBG.  In LOR you will use the normal RGB  (the controller will fix the order in the background)

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Ii'll try that again this evening...

I did double check wiring on each string as I know sometimes the wires change.

Will let you know...


Thank you.



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Kip that is easy to change in the E682 setup. If you can't get it figured out, PM me your phone number and I'll talk you through it. I have screen captures of mine in the web and can point you to the to look at how mine are done if needed.

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I have the e6804. Similar setup page. I think I have my 2811 strips from Ray set to GRB ( I'll double check) on the Sandevice config. No other changes as needed in LOR if the controller is setup properly. Easiest way to tell is run a solid color test pattern on the config page. If color doesn't match manual change the Color config setting

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