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CMB24D channel on when lights turned off

Brian Dietrich

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Need some help. 

Just set up a new CMB24D and the #3 (Blue) channel stays on when the Hardware Utility is set to "Lights Off".  The voltage on #3 when the Hardware Utility is set to "Lights Off" is 11.91 with a load or without a load.  When I click the box and test the #3 channel in the Hardware Utility, the lights become very dim and the operating voltage drops down to 8.25 unloaded and 7.10 with a load.  All of the other lights work fine.  The remaining 23 channels are at 12.08 volts when turned on with a load. 

Is there something I can check or do I need to contact LOR to see if they can fix my board?


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Thanks for response.  Started a ticket, troubleshot the issue, and already have a replacement on the way.

Thanks again.

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Sounds like a triac has shorted. I have replaced triacs several times. Usually they fail in the on state. If you are good at soldering you can do this yourself, but it can be tricky.  I buy triacs through Digikey. Also LOR may send you one if you tell them what the trouble is free of charge.

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