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Finally got up all the halloween stuff. Tested/replaced all the talking pumpkins/tombstones/floods/strobes. Actually remembered where I put everything in the yard etc etc. Last step put up the the Tune To 88.3 sign and plug it in to a timer....I can't find my sign anywhere. Checked all the boxes and the shed and nada. I hate to even think it but the only logical answer is someone stole it during my tear down of Christmas last year. I'm thinking of putting a sign out on the mailbox to see if one of the neighborhood kids has a heart. Looks like ply wood and spray paint this year.

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Last year I didn't have a proper tune to sign, what I did was built a box ,drilled a bunch of holes in plywood for my FM freq and threw a couple of strings of white lights in there. Wasn't the best sign but might work in a pinch...

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Coroplast, Real estate sign, hot glue gun and lights.


In an hour you can bust out a new sign.

I did some for a few friends who are running for office this year.


I found some steal sign holders in FL for 5.00 each, I bought 30 of them.

Fortunately, I have a friend who was able to pick them up and hold them until I could get to FL.


I was able to spell out MERRY CHRISTMAS with red and white lights.

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