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My 2014 16 channel Halloween List. Free for the taking.

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HAHA my lights should be going on tomorrow- talking about late. Oh well. I have my 2014 16 channel list that I am more than willing to share. Most are original- some are reworks and a few are blatant

Halloween is big in my neighborhood. I'm a newbie and bought the Showtime Central Starter package and added another controller (total 32 channels) and i made singing faces and tombstones.  I'm way behind the 8 ball in putting my show together.  I'd appreciate a copy of your sequences.  Thank you!  gorichgo@yahoo.com

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I lost all my previous Halloween & Christmas sequences due to a computer virus requiring the hard drive replacement. I would appreciate sequences such as: Addams Family,   Thriller,   Thunder & Lightening,  and any scary sound effects.

I do appreciate your help setting up this years sequences...


Wes McKusick


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I would love them too!  thenevarezproject@gmail.com

Also, do you have a picture or video of your lights so that I can see how they are set up so the sequences make sense?

Thanks so much, you are awesome!

~Teri Nevarez

Gilbert, AZ

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Hi.. I know it's an older topic, but may I PLEASE beg to get something I can save to my setup to use on Halloween?

Preferably Toccata....  (assuming it's the shortened version)?

I JUST bought the 16 channel unit during the sale,

I have been watching youtube vids, and reading this forum for a few days.

- And still trying to figure out how to import a file that isn't an .seq (I know I have more to read!)

I admit I'm a total NOOB.  (THIS IS POST #1)  She don't know I bought it yet, but will if she's home when it gets delivered!

I'd LOVE to be the one home, when it's delivered, and have a SOMETHING working with a few strings of lights thrown about the inside of the house before she gets home....

BTW, I'm needing to tell her this new "Box" only costed less than $200...    (how did anyone else get away with that)?



BTW, I've been into the "home automation" hobby for a few years.  I've kinda come to a dead end on it, since everything is done (until something else is invented).

She doesn't know that I have at least a couple thousand invested into IT...

--- I'm also willing to help anyone interested in home automation as a trade-off....---


Thanks, Gordon


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