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My 2014 16 channel Halloween List. Free for the taking.


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HAHA my lights should be going on tomorrow- talking about late. Oh well. I have my 2014 16 channel list that I am more than willing to share. Most are original- some are reworks and a few are blatant rip offs. But the way I look at it is I share- and have no problem with people using my stuff as is or reworked. I posted my 2013 list previously. Here is my 2014 list. Feel free to PM me and ill give you the link for my drive. They all include music as I had to custom cut a majority of the music for the sequences. This is a great community and I see no reason to EVER charge- or be forced purchase sequences. Happy Haunting to All. 

PS- If anyone has some 16 Channel Christmas sequences to share, that would ROCK. 


Sam Jackson pulp fiction ezekiel quote: slowed down and modified. Great opening I think. 

Custom Opening: Silent hill-Iron Maiden-NIN and Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Twilight Zone Opening

Disney Edit: 

Adams Family

Halloween Montage

Errie Sound Bump

Walking Dead: Season One theme version

Ghost N Stuff- Deadmau5

The Wall Bump

Halloween Medley

Mansion In the Mist


Demmon Bump

Halloween Theme

House of 1000 Corps


Halloween 1 Stalking Theme

Phantom Of Opera


Custom Ending: Silver Shamrock & Vincent Price

Thunder-Rain Bump

Total Show runs about 58+ minutes. 

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If you could share I'd appreciate it!  I have several 16ch + RGB christmas tree songs as well I'll send them all to you!



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If you would send me the link I would like to look at a few of your songs. I might have a Christmas song or two to send your way. Thanks.


I emailed you a couple songs you might like.



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I would love to get deadmau5, and walking dead...may have a few Xmas ones I can send your way as well.... Pm me


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I wouldn't mind trying some Halloween sequences. Only second year here, so not much to share. Just getting started myself.

Thanks,  skyjumpr@toast.net

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I'd love to have your Halloween sequences if you're still sharing them via e-mail. This is my 1st year at doing a Halloween show so basically a new to this holiday. Thanks in advance, vtecnow@yahoo.com

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